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Full Version: Iso : Useast baal runs 24/7
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Yeah I need to follow some Mannually, i am a d2 addict and got no life and want to follow ur runs 24/7.

Pm me info
u can follow mine manually, or not manually.
ill be starting my bot tomorrow night or so to lvl my new barb to at least 95
I'm also looking for some nice runs to join as well.
I have always been a legit player and now that i've payed ladder when I try to come on non-ladder it's completely dead.

All the botted games have no people.

If someone has runs please PM me too, looking for runs with a couple leechbots so the EXP is decent.
check out OP Confederates. The runs Lab Baal-xx/q are normally 5+ people and fast
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