* I will Level an entire account at a time, Or seperate characters for a price. My standards are as is.
* I will Not level an account with items on it, I do not take responsability for the items if they are on the account.
* I can do many characters at the same time.
* A time frame will be provided Via pm and request.
* Prices will be negotiable because were dealing with Money here instead of forum gold.

~At the moment this only pertains to Ladder~

Single Characters
1-60 = 7$
1-80 = 12$
1-85 = 15$
1-90 = 25$

Multiple characters will be dealt with according to amount of characters and levels that are needed.
Again, I am in no way responsable if you have items on the account, Preferably you should make a new account and make the characters and let me do the job. Again, Prices are negotiable upon request.